fearlessly authentic for purpose

Be Fearlessly Authentic

The Secret to Being Real for Purpose

It’s only when you come to understand and believe how you are wonderfully made with all of the good stuff already in you, that you can begin to deliberately make an impact in your world. Authenticity happens when you connect WHO you are to WHY you are.


The real you is your best self. You were designed to thrive being real.

And you could only be as real as what resonates inside your spirit. 

I’m talking about your core values, those guiding principles and core motivations that anchor you and give your life direction. 

You can’t help people if you’re afraid to be yourself. You have a way of engaging and helping people that is uniquely yours – with your authentic best self.   

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Authenticity comes down to knowing your core values and motivations, then living by them. 

When you live out the real you, you start loving yourself more, celebrating yourself more and enjoying what you do more. If you are an artist, a designer or a writer, let who you are and what you believe come out in what you create. That’s being fearlessly authentic.

The thing is you have to figure out what these core values and motivations are.

When I started all these with a self-discovery journey in 2012, I was fumbling around, unsure of where to start. Until I watched Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about knowing my WHY. That was my trigger. Remembering how I have written down a few different notes to myself along those lines, I dug them out and put them all together in one coherent document I entitled ‘This is my WHY’.


In case you missed it in the first post, this is the link to view
Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “Start with Why”.


So I suggest that’s where you start. It’s important to figure out your core motivations

1) that tell you why do you do what you do

2) that make you who you are

3) that make you who you will become

Write them all down. Put it up somewhere you could see it often to remind yourself. When you write things down, your mind begins to process that information and internally aligns things around. 

When you see that list as part of your everyday, it’s amazing how things shift and start happening for you to create the reality. This is also the reason why you will invariably find those core motivations in the things that drive you, and in whatever you’re passionate about. 

Because there is an alignment there already. You just have to make it stronger and more pronounced so you could easily live it out.


Prayer Opens the Door

If you believe in the power of prayer, I suggest you make it part of your prayer list. Pray for God to bring clarity, purpose and alignment in your life.

Here’s a simple prayer that you can start with. You can change the second and third lines to suit. You can also add to it and elaborate more as you see fit. The important thing is that your words come from the heart. 

God I come to You just the way I am.
I’m not sure if You are real. 
But if You are real, I ask You 
To show me who You are
And who Jesus is. 
I pray for clarity, for purpose and alignment in my life.
I pray all these in Jesus’ name, Amen.


Way back in 2014, I wrote this document which I called
to clarify for myself what I believe about God and how I should align my life and my place in the world with my spirituality.


I encourage you to do something similar. Start a journal and write as God speaks to you. Record your conversations with God, especially when you get those mind-blowing revelations while in prayer. Or when you read in the Bible and a verse just jumps at you, and a light goes on in your head.


The Secret to Being Fearlessly Authentic

For those core motivations and principles to be truly effective in your life, they have to be lived out from inside of you and activated to impact someone’s life.

When you live out your best self and determine to make a difference, you amplify your core values.

There it is! That is the secret to being fearlessly authentic.

You maximise your awesomeness when you amplify your core values. That’s when the world will benefit from having you around.

fearlessly authentic for purpose


Why It Matters

You and I have a limited time on this earth. We may as well spend that time being real and true to ourselves. 

Perhaps you don’t even know it, but you are the solution to someone’s life issue. You are the key to someone’s opportunity. You are that peace-maker needed in your family or your group. Or a care-giver to someone who cannot do life well without your help.

Whatever it is, you have something valuable to give to this generation, to this time and season. And you can only do that by being you.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” – Ephesians 3:20

The verse in Ephesians 3:20 tells us that God is able to carry out His purpose and do more than what we dare ask or think. That is, according to His power working within us. So to the extent that we allow God to work in us, then it’s to that extent that He is able to do great things through us.


For Purpose

Wherever you may be found or planted, if you want to be that light in someone’s darkness, be it to your family, your friendships, connections, and to the people who surround you – the world needs the real you.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb

If I’m not going to be here long, I would like to be here long enough being my best self – the way I was originally designed to thrive in. For purpose.

 And I know that you feel the same way too.

So let’s do this!





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