In Jesus Christ, we are restored back into relationship with God. Identifying with Jesus in conquering death in the power of His Resurrection, we regain entry into eternity, and regain dominion over this life.

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Following the Original Plan for Your Life

What you believe in, all of your whole belief system dictates your worldview. More importantly, it will shape what you become. So what your future would look like, largely depends on where you are at and how you define your spirituality now. 

In other words, how you know and personally relate to God – in the measure of His divine grandeur, along with His love toward you – will override everything that you do in successfully creating your dreams of a great future.

In Jesus Christ you’re restored back into relationship with God and to the original plan for your life, regaining entry to eternity. It is that crucial.


This may shake your theology…. but God sought you out first. You didn’t. 

You may have been searching for God all of your life, not knowing much about Him or whether He is even real, but you know you need some higher spiritual guidance. 

Or you may think you know Him and have been feeling the need to please Him all of your life, in the hope that God will grant you success because you have been good. You could even claim to have done a whole list of “good” things, following all the Do’s and rules to incur His favour and be on His good side and make the grade. 

What you may not know is that God has been seeking for your attention all along, wanting to be a part of your life. He has been yearning for your love far longer than you could ever know.   

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God has been seeking for your attention all along, wanting to be a part of your life

God’s Original Plan for Mankind

God makes Himself known, revealing Himself through His handiwork in nature and creation. God also reveals Himself through the Bible, which is the Word of God. 

We have the Bible so we can get to know who God is and what He is like. The entire Bible tells the story of God’s desire for a loving relationship with us.

God has been devising ways to get humanity back into the fold again – back to His original plan. This is evident chapter after chapter in the Bible, from the time when Adam and Eve had a falling out of their relationship with God in the Garden of Eden.

Let me just paint you a quick picture of the original plan for humanity as written in the Bible, starting from all the way back in Eden. Life in paradise was the perfection of human existence. God made sure that Adam and Eve had everything they needed in that place.

Vulnerability nor fear did not exist. Neither did strife, toil, pain, grief nor suffering. Even the animals lived in harmony with all other creatures as there was no pecking order there.

They did not know what it was like to want for anything. Why would they, when God was with them?

They were given the mandate to populate and subdue the earth. They had dominion.


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what the Bible says about God’s original plan for your life.


Paradise Lost

However, there was one thing that God imposed a restriction on. If you think about it, since He built WILL POWER into the human psyche, the scenario of paradise would not be perfect if Adam and Eve were not given the means to exercise their will power.

This power of choice, makes man unique among all of God’s wonderful creation. It was a risky proposition stacked against God.

For His love to be true, God had to allow the pinnacle of His creation a freedom of choice to love Him back or not. But in doing so, He knew that man could also open himself up to the danger of his own destruction if he chooses to go that way.

As it turned out, that was exactly what Adam and Eve chose to do. Adam and Eve decided to reject the rule of God. Through them, sin and death entered creation.

We have lost paradise. We lost our mandate. We lost dominion.

And from that time on, sin and death became part of the human condition, with all of humanity going into a self-destruct sequence. That has been our default from birth.


The Good News

So what was God to do? True to His nature God provided humanity the only way out possible.

In Jesus Christ, God fulfilled the purview of both His own righteousness and grace towards mankind in one masterfully beautiful stroke of genius.

God wants for us all to get back into that intimate personal level of relationship that He lost with Adam and Eve.

So He wrapped His divinity in human flesh as Jesus Christ, who was birthed into the same world as you and I, allowing human eyes to see God, identify with Him, hear what He has to say and get to know Him personally.

In the 33 years that Jesus walked on this planet, it was only over the last three years of his life that He revealed to his astonished generation how He was the embodiment of God’s love for man to be reconciled back to God.

This is why the Gospel of Jesus Christ dying for our sins at Calvary and His Resurrection three days after is called the good news. Because it is!

We think that we started the process of seeking God first. But He was there first.


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just waiting for me to get to that point of surrendering the mess that was my life over to Him. 


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s initiative in play – for us to be restored back into God’s original plan for eternal life and purpose.

And it was the gruesome death of Jesus at Calvary more than two thousand years ago, which triggered this restoration phase. Jesus Christ had to die to become the slain sacrificial lamb, providing the divine exchange for humanity’s sin.


Jesus Christ is the Only Way

The pain of our humanity is all tied up in the tragedy of Eden.

But in God’s love and mercy, He inserted Calvary into the human story as a means for us to get back into His original plan, and be restored to what we lost in the Garden of Eden.

How do I know all these? Because these are all written down and recorded in the Bible.

 And the Bible makes it very clear. Jesus Christ is the only way out of self-destruction and a sure eternal damnation. He is humanity’s only way of escape – there is no other way.


what your future would look like, largely depends on where you are at and how you define your spirituality


 In Jesus Christ, we are restored back into relationship with God.

Identifying with Jesus in conquering death in the power of His resurrection, we regain entry into eternity, and regain dominion over this life.


CLICK ON THIS LINK to find out what the Bible says
about believing in Jesus Christ.


There is a Choice to be Made

At some point in our lives, each of us needs to make a choice. There is no other one choice that you and I can make which carries the full weight of how we get to spend eternity.

We know how the story of Adam and Eve ends. But as the story of your life is still being written, you can change the narrative. You are free to exercise your power of choice.

So the question remains, will you choose Jesus Christ, believing what the Bible says about God’s original plan for your life…. or not?



– God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future

a book by Dan B. Allender

“Both your story and mine have unique characters, surprising plot twists, central themes, tension and suspense, and deep significance. Each is an intriguing tale, and neither is fiction.

Our story is truer than any other reality we know, and each of us must discover the meaning of what God has written as our life story.

In our story God shows us what he’s up to and what he wants us to be about.”

– Dan B. Allender, author of ‘To Be Told’

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– A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil, Sin & Suffering

a book by Mark H. Graeser, John A.Lynn, John W. Schoenheit 

“It seems logical that before God made the decision to create living beings with freedom of will, He had to plan for their possible failure.

We believe that in His infinitely diversified wisdom He contemplated every conceivable eventuality and formulated a contingency plan for each, with a view toward His desired goal for mankind.

He decided to “go for it,” and because God’s nature is pure righteousness, in His acts of creating such beings He knowingly and willingly committed Himself to a totally righteous dealing with all of them, even if they chose to rebel against Him.”

– Mark H. Graeser, John A.Lynn, John W. Schoenheit, authors of ‘Don’t Blame God’


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a book by Dick Hochreiter

“There is a religious spirit out there that says God doesn’t want to bless everyone. If you’ve believed this, you’ve bought into a lie. This lie will destroy not only the blessing in your own life, but will also keep you from blessing those that God wants you to bless.

I find that many professing Christians don’t believe Jesus died to break the curse off everyone. But this blessing and every other blessing is for the whole world, not just for certain folks.”

– Dick Hochreiter, author of ‘How to Bring God’s Super to Your Natural’


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Check out and read the Bible to find out more!

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