J'm the Evidence that God is God



What I Have Faith For


Good enough is not my destiny.
I am a child of God. I was created for excellence.
Whenever I step into the promises of God, I receive the abundance of who He is.

I believe in the one true God – my Abba Father, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, the Alpha and Omega, the Great I AM, the Creator of earth and all of the heavens.


Jesus is all we need

I believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten of the Father, the Anointed One, my Saviour and Lord, who was and is from the beginning, and is to come for the resurrection of the living and the dead in Christ – whose name is above all other names, for whom all things were made and to whom all things will bow.


I believe in the in-dwelling, the Anointing and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in me and through me – my Comfort and my Peace. For i know that God has started a work in me that He shall finish.


I am a child of God. I am the daughter of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. I am uniquely made, borne of a family, a lineage, within a particular people group and nation, but I acknowledge that I’m fully resourced by Grace, equipped and placed in this time and age for Kingdom-purpose.


Jesus Christ died for me and He did not die for me in vain. I choose to live in the victory bought by the blood of Jesus at Calvary. I have been bought with a price and I am precious.


candle hands

I have the Holy Spirit residing within me, to comfort, guide and correct me. I go when the Spirit leads. I go where the Spirit leads.


Whoever comes against me, contends with the Spirit of God that is in me.


the earth is God's

I am the child of the One who owns the cattle of a thousand hills. I have access to His storehouse of riches both in heaven and on earth. I have access to the wealth of my Father, in the fullness of the earth and everything therein.


green pastures

Regardless of my income situation, my Father shall supply all my needs. It is God who leads me to green pastures. I shall not want.


with this ring

I am a married woman, subject to my husband, as my husband is subject to God. God is the authority over my family, our home, our household and everything that has been entrusted to us to steward.


sunset couple holding hands

God is the author of my marriage. From the beginning of time, my husband and I have been put together for a purpose as part of His Divine plan.


My confidence does not rest in earthly treasures, but on things of eternal value. I have the seed of eternity within me. I am pre-destined and my time on earth has eternal worth.


i am loved

I declare that my God, my Abba-Father loves me unconditionally. I am His beloved, the apple of His eye. He has written my name on the palm of His hand. Whoever hurts me is answerable to my Father. I shall not fear.


The power and the grace of God is upon me. I have everything that i need to walk with God, to manifest His kingdom, to have dominion and to make conquest in faith. I am destined to rule in life, to be the head and not the tail.


I am a work in progress, to be all that He’s created me to be. With the over-arching covering of God’s love and grace in all that I do. I need to be attuned to the dealings of God which is His work of sanctification in my discipleship process.


Check out and read the Bible to find out more!

Live by Faith. Live Purposeful. Live Extraordinary.