Getting to Your Extraordinary

We spend a good part of our day doing work – whether its work we get paid to do or not, or work we love to do or not.

This is why it matters that what we actually do for work, our God-given skills, talents and passions all align together with our core values.


I am blogging my way through and putting all the best bits of me in these pages – a gift box from me to you.

These blogs are part of my extraordinary life in-the-making… to help you get to yours.

With actionable tips, tools, worksheets and resources, that I have put together along the way to help me in my journey, I am sharing them on these blog pages to give you that extra hand and take away the overwhelm you’re bound to encounter as you go.

So that your next step gets you a bit closer to your extraordinary.

Wherever you are, whatever stage you are at,

and whatever issues you are dealing with,

you are most welcome here!

What Fuels My Spark 

“In a gentle way you can
  shake the world”
  – Mahatma Ghandi

Writing this post is me doing something extraordinary.

As much as possible, I don’t want to call attention to myself and would rather sit by my lonesome to quietly ponder life as I watch the world go by. 

Blogging goes against the grain of the thoughtful introspective OCD introvert that is me.

But this is something the best version of me would happily engage in.  

At this stage of my life, I feel the need to get out of my introvert comfort bubble.

So here I am, breaking out of my dis-engaged ordinary-ness. 

Yes, I have been taking the fear of the unknown by diving right into these blog pages. I’m writing about my journey towards an extraordinary life with a focus on eternity – that in activating my faith for kingdom purposes, God could bless others through me.   

Because I have a passion to help people discover purpose and live it. 

Part of my job is about helping you build self-awareness around your inner health, spirituality and relationship with God, which will hopefully empower you to create your story of an extraordinary life going forward.  

I could help you visualise what kind of life you want to have that will impact on eternity. So that you could focus on issues of eternal value and rid yourself of things that don’t matter.  


As I humbly offer my perspective about life based on my own experiences and challenges, I hope that in sharing, I get to inspire you to make healthy lifestyle and spiritual choices to bring the best of you forward. 


This could be one of the most significant transitions you can choose to make in your life.

When you remove the unnecessary from the equation, optimising for what’s important as you let go of other things, you will start enjoying what brings meaning, fulfilment and happiness. 

I would so love to be a part of your next – in helping you eliminate the unknown and unexpected, through tools, strategies and learnings shared with you in these blogs.

It would make me very happy to play a part in making your extraordinary a little bit more achievable for you.

Because that will be my extraordinary. . .

Live by Faith. Live Purposeful. Live Extraordinary.