• Who you are is rooted in God's great plan for your life

    Celebrate Your Awesome

    An Extraordinary Life is a  Celebration of Your Awesome When you embrace the notion that who you are is rooted in God’s great plan for your life, you can go through all of life’s mishaps, disappointments and turmoil with inner peace and strength, that is not your own, but of that same Father God who has designed you to thrive. You are not an accident. None of us are. The unchangeable circumstances of your birth, your parentage, heritage, nationality were all pre-designed. God knew you before time itself. And He knew what He was doing when He created you.  Let me say that again, God knew what He had in…

  • In Jesus Christ, we are restored back into relationship with God. Identifying with Jesus in conquering death in the power of His Resurrection, we regain entry into eternity, and regain dominion over this life.

    Are You Set to Follow the Original Design for Your Life?

    Designed to Thrive for Purpose (Part 1 of 3) What you believe in, all of your whole belief system dictates your worldview. More importantly, it will shape what you become. So what your future would look like, largely depends on where you are at and how you define your spirituality now.  In other words, how you know and personally relate to God – in the measure of His divine grandeur, along with His love toward you – will override everything that you do in successfully creating your dreams of a great future. In Jesus Christ you’re restored back into relationship with God and to the original plan for your life,…

  • fearlessly authentic for purpose

    Be Fearlessly Authentic

    The Secret to Being Real for Purpose It’s only when you come to understand and believe how you are wonderfully made with all of the good stuff already in you, that you can begin to deliberately make an impact in your world. Authenticity happens when you connect WHO you are to WHY you are.   The real you is your best self. You were designed to thrive being real. And you could only be as real as what resonates inside your spirit.  I’m talking about your core values, those guiding principles and core motivations that anchor you and give your life direction.  You can’t help people if you’re afraid to be yourself. You…

  • learn the 6 powerful ways live out your awesome

    Live Out Your Awesome (Part 2)

    6 Powerful Ways to Live Out Your Awesome (Part 2 of 2)   This is PART 2 of a two-part blog post. CLICK HERE to start from PART 1 if you haven’t read it yet. Make sure you have also read the previous blogs leading up to this post. CLICK HERE to start from the first post which was written about you.   4) Love People   Loving life is about loving people. Loving people is not just about caring and cherishing, but also about honour and respect. We were designed to live out our awesome by loving people because we were created by a God of love.  We are…